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Super Realistic Silicone Foot Fetish Girl Feet

Super Realistic Silicone Foot Fetish Girl Feet

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Worship in your privacy these incredible pair of girl foots with an amazing skin texture which look like a real person!

  • Package: a Pair foots
  • Size: 24 cm, left and right foot width: 8 cm, height: 12 cm

Role Play Tips

Doctor - Patient and Domina & Master - Slave

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Care Instructions

Wash with warm soapy water. You can sanitize silicone by boiling in water for 5–10 minutes, or by placing on the top rack of your dishwasher. Silicone can also be sanitized using a 10% bleach solution—just be sure to wash and rinse well with clean water after using a bleach solution.

Avoid silicone lubricants with silicone toys. Silicone lubricants are one of the few substances that can harm the surface of silicone toys, causing a gummy residue. Take care not to cut or nick the surface of silicone, as a small nick can turn into a large tear. Do not store silicone toys with other soft toys, as the chemicals found in other soft toys can leach.

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