About Us

Who are we ?

We are an Online Sustainable, Specialized Swiss based BDSM & Fetish Boutique. We are selling Fetish Clothes, Bondage Gears, and Restraints catering to Curious Novices and Extreme BDSM & Fetish players alike.

Why we started?

As a BDSM & Fetish Aficionados, we know how frustrating it can be to find the right items on classical online sexshops. Most of these websites have no flavor and/or personality without any real consideration for the fabulous kinky universe surrounding the BDSM & Fetish Word. Facing this frustration, we took the decision to offer a unique and different boutique.

What is our business and what make us different?

We are focusing exclusively on the BDSM & Fetish world by offering not only a large amounts of quality items but also a whole BDSM & Fetish experience by integrating directly for each product games and scenarios ideas to encourage people’s creativity to discover, develop or go deeper in their horny BDSM & Fetish experiences.

 FetishTime value your time and your money by spending a huge amount of time researching for you the best products at the best price. With us you don't need anymore to waist your time searching for uncertain kinky devices. You do have the guarantee to be serve with the best products and the greatest ideas to surprise your partner. 

 On top of that, all your orders are sustainable, as each of them is Carbon neutral. Affordable prices for your kinks doesn't mean you can not have a peace of consciousness while playing in your bed room.  

Company mission

Our Mission is to help you to discover or experiment always deeper the Fetish & BDSM universe. This is the reason why we try to offer you with passion a full set of clothes and devices of quality at an affordable price with concepts and ideas in which you can integrate them.

Meet us

Few years ago Laurent, a two decades Leather & Latex Fetish lover, wanted to experiment new BDSM&Bondage practices by tying up his girlfriend. He then went to some local sex shops. Surely the basics for getting started in bondage couldn't be more than about CHF/EUR 50, right? When Laurent was presented with a potential bill of CHF/EUR 250, he knew there had to be a better way—being kinky shouldn't mean being broke—so thanks to the extra time provided during the COVID in 2020 he finally started his own business to prove it.

That's what FetishTime is mean to do: providing quality kink gears that normal budgets can afford.