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Dominant Sheepskin Leather Pant

Dominant Sheepskin Leather Pant

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The perfect Dominant Leather Pant for the perfect Dominant Look!

This soft sheepskin leather pant guarantee you to be respected and obeyed!
This quality pair of pants is so sturdy, he will last for years and years, and only gain in beauty and patina as this one get worn. 

The pant interior is lined with polyester or cotton, as per your choice.

Role Play Tips

Domina & Master - Slave, Boss - Employee, Police Interview, Doctor - Patient, and Pet Play

Scenarios in details


Sheepskin Leather

Care Instructions

Hand wash in warm water. Use baby shampoo, mild soap or fabric softener. DO NOT use laundry detergent. You can also use an alcohol free baby wipe.

Gently squeeze the water from the leather clothing or leather lingerie. Do not twist or wring as this can cause the garment to crease or wrinkle. Make sure to completely dry all metal fittings or they can rust.

Lay out flat on clean, dry towel to soak up extra moisture. Dry at room temperature without direct heat. Apply leather conditioner with a soft cloth. Be sure to remove all excess leather conditioner.

Do not apply leather conditioner to the suede side of leather.

Always store in a cool and dry area.

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