Sissy / Governante

Sissification has long been a staple of the femdom playbook. Also known as forced feminization, it involves a male submissive being made to wear feminine clothes (think lingerie and heels) and makeup, and then being made to do things in traditionally feminine ways – walking, talking and otherwise acting female-esque. We can also talk about “slutification”. You are the house Governante and want to test the naughty side of your lovely little slut and for that, you will need :

  • One or more slutty dresses
  • Tacky lingerie
  • Very high heeled stilettos
  • Assorted cheap and brightly colored lipsticks
  • Assorted cheap eye shadows
  • Extra black mascara
  • Blush

Start by letting her know that the outfit she chose is not to your liking. You were hoping for something a little… sluttier. Let her know you are going to help her learn to be a good little whore for you. At that point you can pull out the dress, lingerie and shoes you got her, and tell her to get changed.

Now, depending on how extravagant you want to go, you might have a few different outfit options for her. Make her go and get changed for you. You will sit waiting while she changes in another room and comes back to model the dress for you.

If you happen to own a spotlight (also useful for interrogation scenes), make her step into the bright light so you can examine her properly. Have her turn and twirl for you.

Once you are satisfied with her new attire, it’s on to the artistic part!

Have your precious pet kneel in front of you while you sit in a comfortable chair. You could incorporate some bondage at this point if you like, or prefer the D/s aspect of ordering her into the correct positions to your liking.

The goal here is not to make her look beautiful – it’s to make her look like a cheap hooker. So start with some foundation. Then the lipstick. Make sure to choose something extra bright and garish, and once she gets her lips nice and taught for you, smear it liberally on.

On to the eyes! When choosing an eye shadow, choose bright and colorful! Next up, the lashes. Let’s go big and bold and fat with those bad boys.

Finally, it’s time to slap on a little blush and your masterpiece will be complete.

From here, you have any number of directions for where to take the scene. Perhaps you make her do a strip-tease for you, perhaps you give her some explicit training on how to be a good slut (sucking a dildo for example)… or maybe just drive her to a seedy street and make her flaunt her wares. You should not forget to punish her at anytime during the whole procedure if she doesn't behave properly! She is also here to provide with her slutty mouth and lovely hands all the pleasure needed by her powerful Governante.

Don’t forget to keep reminding her about exactly how she looks. At the end, if your little slut has been a good girl, she may be allowed to release herself with or without the kind help of her Madame.