School Teacher / Student

Who hasn’t had a crush on a teacher at some point? The appeal of this fantasy makes sense, doesn’t it?

This type of fantasy can involve ‘studying’ and homework, but often centers on old-fashioned methods of discipline involving spanking, paddling, caning, or other forms of corporal punishment, as well as detention and corner time for naughty students. Find yourself a sexy school uniform and start breaking some rules!

The actual scene provides a myriad of creative opportunities. You’ll want to have your Teacher tools on hand such as a ruler, a birch cane or switch, notebooks, sharpie markers, hard back books (for impact play), a chalkboard or whiteboard if you’ve got it, and any other fun, non-school room accessories you may find useful.

To begin, your sexy Teacher will want to assert their dominant role by conversing with the student about their behavior thus far. You can also discuss homework and give the assignment a once over to see if it’s satisfactory. It actually doesn’t matter if the student did well or not, they’ll still benefit from some punishment, of course!

  • For being late and losing your homework, you will be paddled with a leather paddle.
  • When your bratty side came out and you talk back, you will have to write, “I must never be a brat” on the chalkboard or a piece of paper twelve times while also reciting it aloud and simultaneously being caned.
  • Teacher can challenge the student to a Ping-Pong game on the teacher’s desk. Every time the student lose he will be punished of course.
  • To ask a series of questions on varying subjects including geography, math, and a few random ones thrown in between.
  • Pencils, rulers, and books can all be turned into toys. Corner time, detention and dunce caps are all possibilities too, depending on the preferences of the participants!

To conclude the scene, the Teacher must deliver a final grade for the quarter. The Teacher can cut the student panties off and wrote in sharpie across the pelvic bone; “B-, Must Try Harder.”