Pet Play

Meow meow woof woof! Tons of people enjoy dressing up as dogs, cats, ponies, or other animals and taking on their characteristics.

They find it freeing to be in this head-space, which allows them to indulge in more primal aspects of their nature or levels of playfulness that they may not be inspired to explore otherwise. Additionally, domesticated animals are often helpless and easy to control, which can be a real turn-on for kinky types. 

Things to get: BDSM puppy pet-play scene

  • Collar and leash
  • Dog treats (Extra tip: fool your sub into thinking you are going to make them eat actual animal treats by simply replacing the food inside of the animal treat packaging with people food such as bits of cereal.
  • Doggy bowl
  • Some type of gag (e.g. bone gags)
  • Dog mask
  • Dog toys or balls to play fetch
  • Some bondage mitts to turn those hands into paws
  • Puppy pee pads and drop cloth
  • Dog bed or you can fashion blankets or pillows into a sleeping area
  • Dog crate or cage (optional)
  • Electric shock collar (optional and only if you’re feeling extra sadistic. Make sure to test this on yourself before using it on your submissive)

Play Time

As always, you’ll start the scene by negotiating and checking for any health issues that could impact play. Since pet play requires a bit of crawling, you’ll want to make sure your pet is in capable condition. You can assist in bringing your submissive into a pet head-space by having them kneel down in front of you. Assign them a pet name if you wish or you can even have your submissive provide a chosen pet name for themselves that will only be used for the duration of the scene OR perhaps longer if they find that they relate to their pet persona outside of a play scene.

Attach the collar and leash to your puppy and take them for a walk. It’s important to start treating them like a puppy and maintaining that dynamic. Make sure to still ask questions and offer praise, but if your submissive tries to respond verbally either repeat the question or go ahead and take this opportunity to gag them. You can also have a cane or paddle on hand to offer swats of encouragement during the walk.

Obviously we would never hit a real life puppy, but this is your consenting submissive puppy so some rules can be broken in their training. Offering questions like, “Have you been a good girl/boy?” or “Did you potty outside today like a good doggy?” are a good place to start. While on the walk, you can offer training to your puppy. Command them to heel, sit, or high five.

If your pet has somehow avoided the gag, reward them with a treat making sure they can see the box or packaging you pull it from. You may encounter some resistance from them towards eating the treat but remind them that punishment will come if they refuse to eat the treat. They’ll catch on pretty quickly. Lead them to a water bowl (barring the gag of course) for a drink. Heck, have the puppy drink the entire bowl in preparation for the….

During their walk, you can decide it’s time to go potty. You can have the puppy pads pre-set (we recommend multiple pads spread around and a plastic painters drop cloth underneath just in case-don’t worry, your puppy can clean up the mess later). Encourage your puppy to go potty. Depending on the puppy, it may take a ton of encouragement. If your property allows it, you may skip the pee pad and take them outside to the backyard to go potty. Make sure to reward them with another treat.

After your puppy has completed a walk, it’s now time for open play time. Break out the toys and balls and play some fetch. Reward them with a pat on the head or a rub on the behind or belly.

You can conclude the scene by putting your puppy to nap on the doggy bed or putting them away in their crate/cage while you relax and watch TV or any other task.