Domina & Master / Slave

What would you do if your partner had to obey your every command? If you could punish them physically for disobeying? Here’s your chance to find out.

Whether you instruct your partner to eat you out or clean out the garage, you can have a fun time with this role. Make sure to discuss boundaries and safe words before getting into this kinky role play, however.

 There are two types of role playing submissives:

  • Men who are naturally submissive and fantasies about serving a strong, dominant women
  • Dominant men possibly with high powered jobs who long for an altered reality where they can hand over control to a powerful women.

 Both types ultimately serve and long to be submissive. Role playing for a submissive man can be incorporated into any of the role play kinks and fetish ideas.

Slaves wishing to serve their Master must, obey instructions, do everything without question, must not speak unless spoken to, avoid eye contact.

Depending on the Master mood and how she/he wishes to be pleased this one will determine the submissive tasks. Humiliation, (spanking, nipple torture, anal penetration, cross dressing, orgasm denial) are just some examples.

Create your own rules for the submissive partner or follow the list below:

  • Respect my name. You should call me Madame, Goddess, Queen or Master.
  • Always obey and listen. Don't challenge me, I know what is best for you.
  • Accept your punishment. If you question me or refuse my orders, there will be consequences and discipline.
  • Masturbation is earnedYour dick is mine, and you can masturbate when I allow it.
  • Worship me. I'm your god, and you will always be beneath me. Praise me properly, or there will be punishment.
  • I dictate your orgasms. You can't have an orgasm without my permission. This luxury is deserved after best behavior.
  • Ask for my permission. I always have to approve your needs, like hunger or thirst.
  • Thank me for the discipline. I'm punishing you because you deserve it, and you should be grateful for my care and energy.
  • Love my dick. You will play, suck and gag on my dildo and worship it after pegging.
  • Privacy doesn't exist. I took away your right to privacy - everything you do is done in front of my eyes.
  • Satisfy my needs. When you are asked to do something, respond enthusiastically and do so without hesitation.
  • Adore your new name. If I change your name, you will accept and love it.
  • Confess your mistakes. If you have been disobedient, admit it and accept your punishment.
  • Your only purpose is serving me. Your biggest reward is being my slave, and you breathe to satisfy me.


    10 Domination game ideas

    • Restraining a partner can open up endless possibilities for fun, including teasing, delayed orgasms, punishment, or face-sitting. You can use handcuffs and restrains to tie their ankles and wrists.
    • Feet worship. Worshiping your feet should become a regular task for your submissive partner. You can wear high heels or boots and stockings and make them lick, kiss, and adore your feet and shoes.
    • Cock rings. If you are a beginner in bonding, stretchy penis rings are the right tool for training your Sub. Let them wear them and then switch to advanced materials such as metal or steel.
    • Impact play and disciplinary training on your bottom can start with spanking with your hand. You can also use a stick or paddle and give them some good punishment.
    • Anal training. Butt plugs are great toys for beginner-friendly anal play and will prepare your submissive partner for pegging. You may dominate them, but they will love anal stimulation because it can give them the best prostate orgasm.
    • Your submissive partner will beg you for mercy if you tease them long enough. Teasing is the perfect dominant technique, and you can start by tying your partner and masturbating in front of them. 
    • Remote control toys. Have your partner wear a buzzing anal toy so you can stimulate their prostate whenever you want. Give them a list of tasks they need to complete quickly and watch them rush as you control the toy. Or take them for a walk or shopping and tease them in public.
    • Ask about the rules. Order your submissive partner to tell you the established rules. If they don’t know them, it is time for punishment. Every forgotten rule deserves five spanks. When they repeat them correctly, give them five spanks to help them remember them. 
    • Controlled masturbation. Order your sub to masturbate you, but you have complete control over them. Tell them to start, control their movements and speed, delay their orgasm, and take a break. To punish them, they have to wait for an orgasm to be approved, or they don’t have to finish at all.
    • Give me with a toy. Tell your lover that their dick isn’t good enough for you, and restrain them. Put a dildo in their mouth and tell them to penetrate you with the toy. If you are not satisfied, punish them!