Doctor / Patient

Almost everyone played doctor once in their life. Maybe you stopped doing that as a child, of you may still be into that. Because when it comes to sexual role playing, doctors and nurses are a well loved theme and that has its reasons. Medical role playing is suitable for dominance and submissive roles and it has endless possibilities to be creative.

In medical role playing, almost all scenarios are conceivable: a patient that is examined by a doctor, a patient who need to a psychiatric treatment and who will be restrained (and abused), a nurse that takes care of a patient, a therapy session at a shrink, a nurse that is in a relationship with a doctor; just let your imagination run wild.

Such a role playing game is also great for experimenting with sex toys. That may or may not be sex toys that actually look like medical instruments. Which toys you want to apply, depends on the scenario you want to act out. For a simple examination, you might want to use different toys than for a full gynecologic fetish play, or a rectal exam. You can take it as far as you wish and even include enemas or electro stimulation. It all depends on how far your fantasy takes you.

Set the scene

To make a medical role playing game really work, you can start with making the room where it will all take place a bit more medical. Make it look a little clean (or even sterile). Put in some props, like some brochures that you may have taken from the pharmacy.

If you have one, put a room divider up, where the ‘patient’ can take off his or her clothes en lay down some rubber or latex gloves.

You should also set the scene with clothing. There is a lot of fetish clothing with a medical theme out there, that enables you to become into character with your role.

The examination

A major part of the medical play is the examination. Although you can do a lot with your hands alone, you might want to use some instruments, like a real doctor or nurse would.

Metal sex toys have a sterile and medical vibe already. But you can also think of a stainless steel speculum, for a vaginal or anal exam. The use of such instruments will give the ‘patient’ a vulnerable or submissive feeling.

The next step in the examination is testing the orgasm sensitiveness, for example with a vibrator or clitoris stimulator. You may also want to consider using lube with extra stimulating additions, to test your ‘patient’s’ orgasm sensitiveness.

Sometimes it is necessary to restrain the ‘patient’ with bondage tools. Some of the cuffs have a hospital theme and fit well in medical play. Wrist cuffs are always a good start, but you can take it to the next level, when your ‘patient’ is extremely dangerous or out of control. In that case you better be prepared and have a harness at hand. Just go as far as you like. Knock yourself out!

Some sex toys look like they just ran away from your local clinic. With a simple mouth spreader for example, you can spread the mouth far open, allowing you unlimited access. As soon as the spreader is let loose, the cheeks will be kept apart and it will be impossible to close the mouth. This instrument is unbelievable simple but effective. 

And then there is the well known Wartenberg pinwheel, which fits well in a medical role playing game. Once invented by Robert Wartenberg (1887–1956) as a medical instrument to test nerve reactions, by letting the wheel run across the skin. Just let the wheel roll over the inner thighs, the belly, nipples and other body parts that ‘need to be examined closer’.

In a role playing game, you decide how far you want to take it. For some it is enough to dress up and use a mouth spatula (“say ah”), but for others this doctor play can not go far enough. For those persons there are some more extreme BDSM toys that fit into the medical theme (such as electro sex-toys or urethra dilators). Mind you, these toys are not fit for beginners and it requires some preparation and experience to use such instruments.

Just respect your boundaries and those of your partner, and at the same time don’t be inhibited in your exploration. Whether you use extreme instruments, or just plain and simple devices you find in your kitchen draw.