Boss / Employee

While it is not recommended banging your real boss or employee, a saucy office role play scene can be especially hot if you’re into the taboo nature of crossing the line between a personal and professional relationship.

In the office scene, you can easily create the roles of the ‘bad’ worker and the ‘bad’ boss. The boss is the one who has all of these rules for the worker to follow, but the worker may not be competent, which then causes the boss to have to take matters into their own hands. The slave can then be surprised that the boss is doing what they do, but, fearing for their job, they submit anyway in order to keep from getting fired.

The Right Environment

You want to use a space which is going to conjure up the feeling of being at work. Using the home office, for example, is going to be the best way to ensure you are creating the right mood. You can also set up a small table and a chair to create the attitude of a desk where the bad employee can be punished right where they work. Or the ‘boss’ might want to take the employee home with them after they have found out they have done something wrong at work, helping you to transition to a bedroom without too many holes in the story of the scene. No matter what, the bad worker can be punished or pleased as the boss decides is necessary.

Choosing the Outfits

Having clothing from an office setting is really going to make the scene more believable and fun to do. You might want to wear an office outfit of a suit or a pencil skirt set to help create the right mood. Wearing something that conjures up the idea of a boss and a worker will help the scene. The worker might want to wear something completely inappropriate for the office, which is what sets the boss off. Or the boss can wear something completely inappropriate and come on to the worker when they are walking up to their desk.

What to Do in the Scene

You’ve already gotten some scene ideas, but here are a few others which can help to turn a BDSM office scene into a hot session:

  • The boss finds out the worker has been stealing from the company, but promises not to say anything if the worker submits to their every desire.
  •  The worker finds out the boss is stealing money, and turns them into a slave of their own.
  • The boss punishes the worker in front of the entire staff for not doing a report correctly.
  • The worker is tied to their chair or their desk in order to make sure they fulfill their hours for the week since they skipped out at lunch all week.
  • The boss decides to hire a worker, but only after a series of humiliating tests.
  • The new worker is tricked into the office after hours and has to submit to the boss in order to keep their job.
  • The worker is told they need to test out the company’s BDSM products in order to make sure they are safe to sell.

You get the idea. There are plenty of ways you can add BDSM touches to an office scene. And the more creative you get, the more exciting the scene will become.