Babysitter / Naughty child

If you engage in age play, or want to try it, there are really no rules.

You can pretend to be any age you want. Partners of either gender can take turns playing the "little," or if one of you feels more comfortable always being the little and the other one feels more natural as a Mommy, Daddy, Auntie, or babysitter, you can stick to those rules for as long as they make you happy.



If you're interested in age play, try different ideas for your BDSM scenes, such as:

  • pick one age you feel you are and stick with it
  • don't pick any age, just "go with the flow"
  • change your "age" from day to day for variety
  • change your personality as a little (bratty, sweet, sleepy, needy, playful, hyper...)
  • make cookies and watch Disney movies or other movies that remind you of being younger!
  • if your little is a teenager, experiment with makeup or hair styles like a real teen!
  • drink chocolate milk and engage in fun, silly foods like green eggs and ham or mac n' cheese
  • play with dolls, trucks, legos, or coloring books. These are relaxing and fun for adults, too!
  • cuddle and feel free to act your most vulnerable

 The great thing about age play is that it is very freeing. There are no "rules" for how children have to act. In this head space, the little can feel free to vent anger, throw tantrums, be self-absorbed, cry without a good reason, and whine shamelessly.

Children and teens have a certain innocence and raw self-absorption we lose or mask as adults, and it can be freeing to finally be able to crawl up and cry, or yell, or just play with G.I. Joes and trucks, and not worry about bills, children, relationships, jobs, money, and all the stresses and responsibilities that come with being an adult. However, punishments are never fare away!