Story - There’s something in my shoes

Story - There’s something in my shoes

I was a hot an horny chick, just out of high school, and I had a job at this insurance company. The next day I went into work I dress my nice blue dress, white pantyhose, and my black 10 cm high heel pumps. I had not worn these pumps yet, so I brought a pair of old flats I had in case my feet started to hurt. In the lobby, there was three desks. My desk was on the right side, there was a desk on the left side, and a desk in the back. I walked back to tell the boss hi, and sitting in his office was this very hot looking man in his late 20’s early 30’s.

The boss told me this is Jason, and he will be our life insurance salesman, and to assist him with whatever he may need. I said: Hi, my name Christy, and I would be happy to help him anytime. After our introduction I went to my desk, where there was some policy that needed to be typed. I sat down to type, which that side of my desk is open to the view of the other desks.

As I begin to type up these policy, my feet are already starting to hurt from the new pumps. I have one leg crossed over the other, dangling my shoe, just trying to get some relieve, when Jason walks out of the boss’s office and sits down at the desk to the back of the lobby, which is facing the open side of my desk. So he had a perfect view of me. I know I’m only 19, but over the last two years I had became very sexually active, but with little experience . Now there’s this absolute hunk sitting right across from me. I tried to concentrate on my work, and my feet hurting from the new shoes, trying to avoid looking at him.

About an hour goes’ by. Jason come’s to me with a policy, and asks if I could type it up for him, I told him I would be happy too, I was surprised when he told me he liked my shoes, that they were nice, I thanked him, I told him, they are new, and hurting my feet. He said he could give me a massage if I needed, I told no I’ll be fine, they just need broken in. He said ok, but the offer is there anytime. an went back to his desk.

As I continued my work I notice, Jason looking at my feet, he tried to do it without being notice, like talking on the phone, pretending to look at a policy. I didn’t mind, him looking, he must really like my shoes, and I just continued my work. It’s almost lunchtime now, and feet are really starting to hurt, I put my feet flat on the floor, leaned the heel back, with toes up, and slipped, my feet out, so my toes are resting in the heel. AHHH a little relief! Now the boss comes out of his office, and tells me we he’s treating me to lunch at the restaurant across the street in the shopping plaza, we’ll just walk over.

I don’t to want walk over in my heels there killing me. So I pull out my flat shoes, slip into them, and set my pumps under the desk, and head to lunch with my boss. We were gone a little over an hour, and my feet had some rest from my new shoes, so when I got back to the office I thought I’d try my heels again, so I sat down moved my heels from under the desk, slipped off my flats, and slipped both feet back into pumps, as my toes slid down the insoles into the toe of my pumps, I felt something wet in them, at first I was thinking it was just sweat, I didn’t think my feet sweat that much, so as I slipped my toes deeper into the my shoes, the wetness started pushing thru my pantyhose, and then thru my toes.

This was not sweat, Their’s something wet in my shoes. I lifted up my leg, slip off my right pump, and my toes are soak with a white liquid, I tip back my pump, and more rolled back from the toe of my shoe. I think to my self what is this, SOAP? and how did it get into my shoes.

I brought my shoe up to my nose to see if I could tell what it was. I took a good whiff of my insole, it was not soap. Thinking about it a minute, I new what that smell was, It was cum, Jason must have cum in my shoes while I was at lunch. As I sit there very shock, with my pantyhose toes, and shoes soaked with Jason cum, I started getting turn on, my pussy started throbbing uncontrollable, an all I could think about was putting my shoes back on to feel his cum squishing around in my shoes. As I slip my cum soaked toes back into my shoe, they glided smoothly cross the insoles, with a little squishing noise as they enter into the toe of the pump.

My pussy is starting to soak thru my panties now. I had to relieve myself fast before it soaks thru my dress. As I stood up my cum soaked toes slip deeper into my shoes, pushing the amazing amount of cum farther up my toes, it feels like it’s going to burst out of my shoe.

As I’m walking back to the bathroom I can barely keep my nylon feet, from slipping out of my shoes. When I got to the bathroom, I pulled my pantyhose, an panties down, sat on the toilet and started rubbing my very hot, and very wet throbbing pussy. While sliding my cum soaked toes in, and out of my shoes, I brought one of my shoes up to face an buried nose into it.

The smell was so intoxicating it sent shivers thru my whole body, It was everything I could do to keep from screaming when I reach my orgasm.

I slipped my shoes back on, clean myself up an went back to my desk, still wearing my cum soaked feet and shoes, shock that all this just happened. And thus my introduction to the world of the foot fetish.

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