Story - The First Time I was a Sex Slave

Story - The First Time I was a Sex Slave

I’ve always been attracted to guys who are a lot older than me. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re more mature, calmer, more patient, more experienced or just more confident regarding where they are in their lives, but they have something that guys my age usually lack.

I’ve dated plenty of guys my age and most just want to stick their dick into something warm and wet which can be fun too. After all, I was created with three warm holes. But the little understanding they have of bdsm is that it’s a spanking, a demand for a blowjob, rough sex and maybe a set of handcuffs. They see bdsm as a path to sex rather than sex being one of many components of bdsm. They get their pleasure from the sexual act rather than from the entire experience. Whereas the older guys I’ve dated, especially those who were into bdsm, understood what it was and had enough experience with it to do it well.

That having been said, I’ve had some good experiences with guys my own age. My first serious boyfriend was a very good looking quiet brooding musician type. In other words, he was just like me but with a penis instead of a vagina. There was a quiet confidence about him that drew me like a moth to a flame. We dated for a while and I was pretty happy to be his girlfriend. He would hang out with me in my room for hours and have me show him all the various outfits I possessed.

After a couple months whenever we’d get together he started telling me what he wanted me to wear and making all the choices about where we would go and what we would do. It was a huge turn on to have him making my decisions for me in that regard and while I didn’t understand at the time what I found so arousing about it, I definitely got wet every time he took charge.

When I was eighteen I had one of my first truly submissive experiences. Tom was forty-one at the time and definitely a take-charge kind of guy which is probably what attracted me to him in the first place. We had been out on a couple dates to nice restaurants and although we had made out quite vigorously including him feeling me up, squeezing my breasts and playing with my nipples, that’s as far as things had gone in the sex department.

It was almost midnight when out of nowhere I got a text from him that he wanted to come over. I figured it was a booty call which I was actually really excited about. I was feeling horny, I definitely liked him and honestly he was moving a little slower than I would have liked in the sex department. In the thirty minutes before he arrived I fixed myself up a bit. Put on some makeup, got out a little lingerie, brushed my teeth and by the time I heard the knock on the door, I was oozing with sexuality.

Now I’ll be honest for a moment and let you know that while the dialogue isn’t exact, it should give you an idea of how the interaction went. I’d say that what I’m sharing with you is probably fairly close.

I answered wearing a bathrobe because I didn’t want to give away the surprise right away plus I was kind of playing it coy, as if I was about to go to bed but I was willing to accommodate his visit. He came in and we chatted for a few minutes and then he asked if he could take a shower. I had tingles in my body. This was it! He was finally going to fuck me!

I sat on the sofa as he showered and when he finished he came out wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. I got off the sofa and dropped the bathrobe revealing my silky black lace bra and panty combo. I bit my lip waiting for him to jump my bones, but he didn’t. Instead he took a seat on my sofa and left me standing there. “What the fuck is going on here?” I asked myself.

“You can take that shit off,” he said to me.

“What shit are you talking about?” I asked.

“The bra and panties, you don’t need to wear them.”

I blushed and felt a little embarrassed. I went through all that trouble to put on something sexy for him to try and seduce him and he had no interest in it at all. Still, the fact that he wanted me naked meant that at least he was interested in my body after all and maybe no seduction was necessary. I peeled off my lingerie and threw it into a pile on the floor and went to sit next to him on the sofa.

“No!” He shouted at me abruptly as he pointed at the floor in front of him. “You don’t sit here; you’ll kneel on the floor.”

I got down on my knees in front of him, my little body was quivering and I was very well aware of the hardness of my nipples, exposed as they were. “Spread your thighs, straighten your back and cup your breasts,” he ordered. I made the adjustments to my posture and spread my thighs knowing that my hairless little pink treasure was well on display. I liked the fact that he could see it and the exposure was really arousing me. I tried to peek between his legs but the towel was blocking the view of anything interesting.

He leaned forward until his lips were mere millimeters from my own. “You like being a submissive, right?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Yes what?”

“Yes Master?” I asked, unsure of what he wanted.

“No, I’m not your Master,” he corrected me. “I don’t own you and you haven’t earned the privilege of calling me Master. You may call me Sir.”

“Yes Sir,” I replied.

“What do you think you might like about being a submissive?”

I thought about it for a few seconds and answered “I think I would like the praise I might receive when I please my dominant, I like the idea that I can focus only on obedience and not worry about making choices. That seems very liberating to me. I’ve always enjoyed showing how devoted I can be to my boyfriends, it seems natural to extend that in a more submissive setting.”

“It sounds like you’ve given that a lot of thought,” he commented.

“I have Sir; I’ve been looking at stuff online and fantasizing about what it would feel like to experience those things.”

He brushed his lips against mine, not kissing them, just sliding our lips together as he spoke so that our lips moved in unison whenever either of us said anything. “Are you excited?” He asked.

“Yes Sir.”

“Squeeze your breasts. Play with them as we talk.”

“Yes Sir,” I whispered as my hands began to knead and grip my boobs.

“Do you like playing with your breasts?”

“Yes Sir,” I answered as our lips continued to move as one, pressed together as they were.

“Do you want to please me?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Yes Sir what?”

“Yes Sir, I want to please you.”

“Good girl. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” I opened my saliva filled orifice wide and slid my soft pink tongue out. He grasped the tip of my tongue with his thumb and forefinger and moved it from side to side, taking complete control over it before letting it go. “Keep it out.” He leaned forward and ran his tongue around my lips in a circle before pressing it against my extended tongue and licking it and planting kisses on the moist surface of it. I had never had my tongue licked or kissed like that before so it was a very new and erotic experience.

“Do you like to play with yourself?”

“Yes Sir,” I answered honestly.

“Show me how you masturbate.”

I ran my index finger over my extended tongue to gather some of my sticky sweet saliva and lowered my hand between my legs, gently rubbing my clit until I could feel it begin to swell. I brought my finger to the entrance of my slit and gathered my slick moisture before moving back to my little bundle of nerves, rubbing and stroking as he continued to lick my extended pink tongue.

“Are you a good little pet?” He asked as I began to move my tongue against his in an erotic dance of saliva coated pink flesh.

“Yes Sir, I’m a good little pet,” I moaned as my tongue snaked against his.

“Do you know what pets have that you don’t?”

“No Sir.”

“Pets usually wear collars don’t they?”

“Yes Sir, they do,” I answered as I breathlessly mixed my saliva with his.

“Do you have a collar that might be appropriate?”

It happened that I had a couple of collars that I had bought for myself from the pet store. One was black leather with little metal spikes and a leash ring on the front and the other was a sparkling pink with little paws on it. “Yes Sir. May I get them for you Sir?”

“You may,” he responded.

I quickly rose to my feet and scurried to my bedroom where I kept a box of anal plugs, dildos, vibrators, restraints and other special items under my bed. I pulled out the box and rummaged through as fast as my delicate fingers would permit until I pulled out both collars and a slender chain leash with a leather handle. I ran back to the living room with my little boobs bouncing with every stride and resumed my position on my knees at his feet and held out the two collars.

“Do you like the black one or the pink one?” I asked.

He leaned forward and inspected each closely, tilting his head as he tried to imagine what they might look like locked on my slender neck. “The black one has a wonderful look to it, but for today you’re a cute little pet, so pink is more appropriate.”

I held up my long dark hair exposing my neck and leaned forward to allow him to wrap the band of sparkling pink leather around my neck, securing it in place with the small heart shaped luggage lock that came with it. I knelt up and released my silky raven hair, allowing it to once again flow to the middle of my back as he took in the sight of my naked body now graced with a cute pink pet collar. He wrapped his finger in the ring at the front of my collar, pulling me close to him and kissed my lips, rubbing them gently with his own before our tongues were once again sliding passionately against each other.

After what seemed like forever, his mouth moved to my dainty ears where his tongue slid around the outside, tracing the ridges and snaking inside, coating my ear in his saliva. He moved his mouth over my jaw line, down my neck to where the collar pressed snugly against my soft satin skin.

I kept trying to look under the towel and it had become obvious what I was thinking. “Are you trying to look at my cock?” He asked cheekily.

I nodded enthusiastically. “Yes Sir, I am.”

Tom raised a finger and pressed it to my lips, holding it against the soft crimson flesh. After several seconds I parted my lips and flicked my tongue against his digit. “Someone looks eager,” he observed.

“Mm yes Sir,” I replied. “I am an eager little pet.” I wrapped my tongue around his finger, coating it in my saliva, lapping it in long strokes.

“You do that very well pet. Are you trying to show me what you might do to my cock?”

“Yes Sir,” I responded with a moan. “All of this and more.”

I wrapped my lips around his finger and began to suck in earnest. “What a good little cock sucking pet you are.”

I blushed from embarrassment at being called a cock sucking pet, but the tingles were the good kind. I knew at that point how much lustful degradation affected me and I wanted to encourage him to do more. To let him know that not only was I fine with it but I wanted more.

“Thank you Sir,” I moaned, sliding my mouth off his finger just long enough to speak. “I’m a little cock sucking pet for you Sir.”

A smile formed on his lips as I continued to lick and suck his finger, all the while keeping my eyes on the space between his legs. “Does my little pet want the real thing?”

“Oh yes Sir, please Sir, may I please have permission to suck your cock Sir?”

Tom nodded and teasingly raised the white towel that graced his hips until his fully erect member popped out, bobbing and twitching with excitement.

I licked my lips with excitement ready to pounce on it. This is a good example of the real difference between an experienced dominant and the immature boys who are my age. Instead of ordering me to suck it right away or even allowing me to jump on it the way I wanted to, he took his time. He drew out the experience and even made me beg for it. He wasn’t in a rush to stick it into a warm wet hole as fast as possible. On the contrary, he wanted to savour the moment and make the most of it. He continued to make me beg for it, teasing and torturing me with his hard staff. Rubbing my lips with the head and even slapping my face with it.

Eventually he did give me permission to suck his cock. I leaned forward and kissed the head, flicking my wet tongue around the hole and down the hard shaft. I could feel it pulse and twitch as I fluttered my pink tongue against it before finally wrapping my full crimson lips around it entirely and taking it deep in my mouth. I slid my mouth up and down on it, bobbing and sucking as my own fingers found their way between my legs and began to dance on my engorged clit.

My breathing became heavy and I was really working his cock for a while until he said “that’s enough my cute little pet.” I slid the cock out of my mouth and looked up at him and felt warm and happy as he smiled at me.

He stood up and led me to my bed where he returned the favor by pleasuring my wet little pussy. The feel of his warm breath on my ultra sensitive pink folds and his lips sucking my clit out of its protective fleshy hood and into his mouth drove me crazy.

“You’re my dripping little slave whore, aren’t you,” he growled as dined on my dripping wet sex.

“Yes Sir,” I replied breathlessly.

“Yes Sir what?” He said as he gave a hard slap to the side of my ass sending a hot sting of pain through my little body.

“Yes Sir, I’m a dripping little slave whore for you Sir,” I moaned.

“Does my slave like having her pussy licked?”

“Oh God yes Sir, I love the way you’re licking my pussy.”

My legs quivered, my muscles tensed and I was unable to form words, only deep moans escaped my lips. After making me cum twice he climbed on top of me, grabbing my boobs and squeezing them hard as he licked my neck in long broad strokes and flicked his tongue inside my small ears, grabbing my earlobe with his teeth and sucking on them. It was then that I felt the head of his cock pushing against the entrance to my love canal. Parting the sensitive pink flesh of my inner labium and entering the wet tunnel that was my pussy.

“My little bitch is so wet isn’t she? A wet little bitch in heat.”

“Yes Sir,” I squealed as his cock stretched my vaginal walls. “I’m a wet little bitch in heat Sir.”

“You love being mounted like an animal don’t you?”

“Oh yes Sir, I love to be mounted. Mount me like I’m an animal Sir.”

“Not just any animal. You’re a female dog. A bitch, aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir,” I moaned loudly. “I’m a female dog.”

“Bark for me bitch. Bark like the dog you are.”

“Woof woof,” I barked out softly.

“Louder bitch. Show me what a good dog you are!”

“Woof woof woof,” I barked loudly as my hips rose and fell to perfect rhythm with his.

“When I’m done mounting you, maybe I’ll leash and walk you. Would my little bitch like that,” he asked as he thrust deeper inside me.

“Oh yes Sir! Please leash and walk me Sir. I’m your little bitch,” I moaned anxiously.

“Look at you trying to talk like a human when you’re just a dog. Say it like a dog bitch,” he snarled as he gave the smooth skin of my ass another hard slap.

“Woof woof,” I barked loudly as his cock drove deep inside my body as my vaginal muscles milked his hard member.

Our interaction continued like this, him fucking me in an assortment of positions. Me on top grinding my pubic mound into him and riding his cock, him behind me doing me doggy style, driving deep inside me and spanking my ass with each hard thrust and a variety of other orientations. No matter how he fucked me though, he was constantly degrading and humiliating me. Not in a bad manner, rather in a lustful passionate way and each time he forced me to degrade myself it just got me hotter and wetter. The whole night was a fog of primal lust and need. I was consumed by my aching pussy and throbbing clit and his pulsing and twitching cock.

I can’t tell you how many times my petite little body was engulfed in an orgasm, but it was a lot. I made him cum three times that night and each time he made me beg for it and taste his cum, though the third time he came directly into my mouth while I was giving him a blowjob and for that one he forced me to hold the cum in my mouth until he gave me permission to swallow. The level of control he had over me, even over such simple things as swallowing his load of cum was an incredible feeling.

Since then I’ve had a lot more experiences as a submissive with a number of dominants including several additional interactions with Tom. I’ve gotten to explore a lot of different fetishes and discovered what really made me wet and crazy and what didn’t have as much of a desirable effect on me. Still, I’ll never forget that first time that a man made me get on my knees and forced me to become the obedient submissive that I always fantasized about being in front of another person. It was not only a truly amazing experience, but I couldn’t have asked for a better bridge to take my fantasies into reality.
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