Story - Leather Lady Vera

Story - Leather Lady Vera

My eyes were drawn to her the moment she walked in.

I was sitting alone in a rather upscale restaurant and had up until then had the place more or less to myself. This was fine with me, as it meant no one saw me there alone and thus would be able to think about how sad I must be to be in such a place on my own. The waiter had already given me more than one pitiful look, so the last thing I needed was any from strangers.

But when she walked in, none of that mattered anymore.

She glided through the doors and across the floor to a table not far from my own, but I swore she'd stepped out of one of those old Hollywood films. She had that sort of beauty to her, a Marilyn Monroe vibe that fit perfectly with her golden hair and lovely figure.

But it was her outfit that really got my attention.

Leather. So much leather.

A short leather skirt which showed up her incredibly toned, stocking-covered legs which dove-tailed into a pair of over-the-knee leather boots. A leather top which offered a fair view of her chest even from where I sat, with a fur coat draped across it. And along her arms, a pair of shoulder-length black leather gloves. Every piece looked to be of the highest quality, and my mouth watered at the sight.

I freely admit that I have a rather massive fetish for leather, especially gloves and boots when worn by beautiful women, and this lady more than fit the bill. Luckily for me, she did not seem to notice she was not the only diner here tonight, and so I was able to continue my meal without worry.

Even so, I caught myself glancing over at her a number of times. When she removed her fur coat and draped it over the back of her chair; when she shifted in her seat and moved her booted legs around; and when she smoothed out her gloves before perusing the menu. Every little movement sent shockwaves through my system.

Yet the more I looked at her, the more I had a nagging suspicion that I'd seen her somewhere before. At first, I dismissed such a notion, not being the kind of person who could ever dream of encountering such a lovely-looking lady as this, but something inside me said otherwise.

It took me far longer than it should have to recognize her, and once I did I was filled with a flurry of emotions. She was Miss Vera, a rather well-known fetish model whose work I had followed online for quite some time. I'd first come across her on a random fetish site, but over time found myself on her personal websites a number of times, always looking longingly at her pictures and clips.

But never buying any.

Yes, although her sites were subscription based, I could never bring myself to sign up. Something about it felt almost Faustian, like the moment I put my information there then I was trapped. To be fair, a small part of me would not have minded being trapped by such a beauty as Miss Vera, but I still remained little more than an observer.

Which is what made this feel so awkward. Here she was, someone I had watched on a screen for the longest time, and even if I had the courage to say a word to her, it would feel so disingenuous given. So instead I did what I had always done, just in another setting. I watched.

I finished up my meal not long after and watched as hers arrived. She did not remove her gloves the entire time, yet moved with such grace that I don't think as much as a crumb ever touched her leather clothing. She was truly ravishing, and as I sat there I longed to even approach her, to be in her presence for even a moment.

Oddly enough, I was not alone in my thinking.

While I was distracted by her, the waiter returned. Given I had paid my bill and tipped, I wasn't sure why he would have returned other than to get me to leave, which would have been strange given the restaurant was not busy. Instead, he handed me a small, folded piece of paper.

"From the lady" was all he said, then walked away.

Perplexed as I was, I quickly opened up the note and saw two words written in the most exquisite handwriting. "Come closer."

Without a second thought, I did just that, although I took my time on the off chance that I was misinterpreting things. Even so, Miss Vera did not look my way or stir even as I found myself standing less than a foot away from her. She simply finished up her meal without a word and then deemed with worthy enough for her to speak to.

"You've been watching me since I walked in, haven't you?"

I opened my mouth to speak, but she cut me off right away. "That was rhetorical. I know you have. Tell me, what is your name?"

"Edward," I muttered.

Miss Vera smiled. "You know who I am, don't you Edward?"

I nodded. "Yes."

"You're a fan I take it. Been watching my sites for ages, gooning over my photos?"

Though we were still alone, I felt very nervous as she spoke, unsure of how to respond or act. "Yes."

She took a sip of her wine and looked up at me. "Ah, but you've never taken the plunge, have you? Never subscribed or paid a dime. Just lurked like a right pervert."

Everything she said was true, and though I wanted to protest, to say otherwise, somehow I knew that lying was not going to get me anywhere.

"No... Never."

Miss Vera shook her head. "Such a naughty boy you are Edward. I'm sure your little dicklet leaked buckets for me over the years."

My cock had been straining in my pants ever since I'd laid eyes on her, and every degrading comment that poured out from her pink lips made it harder and harder.


"Yes, what?"

She snapped at me, and for a moment I felt like a child who'd been called on in class unexpectedly. And at that moment, I said the only thing I could think to say.

"Yes, Miss Vera."

At the sound of those three words, her smile returned, but it was far more wicked than it had been before. "Good boy. Now then, on your knees."

For a moment I wasn't sure I'd heard her correctly, but then she pointed at the floor with a leather-clad finger and, seeing as we were still all alone here, I did exactly as she commanded.

Once down there, I found myself staring at her stocking-clad legs and lovely boots, and my cock continued to strain against my pants. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever expected to be in such a position, and now that I was, I had no idea what to do next.

Miss Vera, on the other hand, knew exactly what to do.

I watched her press the palm of her gloved hand against her lips, kissing it firmly, then presenting it to me. I could see a red lipstick print on the leather, and my eyes widened as the palm made its way toward my mouth. "Kiss my glove, Edward."

I didn't need to be told twice. I pushed my lips against the print on her leather-clad palm, tasting just the slight trace of her lipstick mixed in with the soft, smooth, perfumed leather. I let out a small groan, and Miss Vera answered by closing her hand around my nose and mouth.

"Breathe in the scent of my leather Edward. You love it don't you? You've dreamed of being smothered by Miss Vera's leather-gloved hands forever, haven't you?"

Another groan escaped my lips. It was true, and just like before I didn't need to say anything. Miss Vera simply pulled the thought right out of my head as if she'd always known it was there.

"How many times did you stare longingly at my photos and wished that you were there? Kneeling at my booted feet, kissing and worshiping my heels and my gloves, begging for a crumb of attention from your leather Goddess?"

There was no answer I could give, I'd never counted but knew it was more times than most would care to admit. Yet it didn't matter anymore, being here, having Miss Vera literally fulfill my deepest fantasy like this, made the rest of the world melt away.

Alas, it was not to last, and almost as quickly as she'd put it there, Miss Vera pulled her gloved hand away and left me kneeling and gasping for air. "Tell me, what do you do Edward?"

Once I had my bearings back, I looked up at Miss Vera, who stared at me waiting. "I'm a corporate accountant."

She smiled. "So you make a fair amount of money then."

"Yes, Miss Vera."

Almost immediately, her smile changed to an expression of dismay. "And yet you never once gave any of that money to your Goddess. Just looked and took without giving. Such a naughty boy."

As she said it, I felt naughty indeed. How unfair of me was it to do such a thing to her? Miss Vera had provided so much content over the years, and I'd taken it all without ever thinking of giving anything back in return. "I'm sorry Miss Vera... I.."

Miss Vera didn't let me finish, but what she did next nearly blew my mind. Without a word, she reached down and began to stroke the bulge in my pants with her leather-clad fingers.

I moaned almost immediately, the sensation discernable even through the fabric of my pants. Slow, specific strokes up and down my straining shaft, and all I could do was kneel there and let it happen.

"Do you like that, my dear Edward? Do you like feeling Miss Vera's gloves on your little dicklet?"

"Yes Miss Vera," I uttered, scarcely able to think let alone speak as her leather fingers slid all over my bulging crotch, teasing and edging me without mercy.

"You like how easily Miss Vera controls you and your cock with her leather?"

For a moment her fingers stopped and gripped my bulge so as to emphasize her control, before immediately returning to the soft, gentle strokes. If I'd died at that moment, I'd have died a happy man. But Miss Vera had something else in mind for me.

"Well, the free trial ends here sweetie," she said as she stopped stroking me, leaving me high and dry before cupping my chin with her gloved hand. She moved my head up so that I was staring deep into her beautiful blue eyes before she continued. "If you want more, you'll need to start spending your money where you should have been all this time. On me."

Her leather-clad thumb moved across my lips and gently slipped past them, allowing me a momentary taste even as her words slipped into my mind. "You can start by paying for my meal and leaving a generous tip."

I nodded, knowing in my heart it was the right thing to do. Miss Vera stood up, offered a gloved hand for me to kiss, then pointed towards the door. "When you're finished, meet me out in my car. We have a lot of work to do, and you have a lot to make up for."

"Yes Miss Vera," I answered, then watched as she slip on her fur coat and walked out the door, taking my heart and my mind with her. By the time the waiter approached I was standing by the table in a daze, but I paid and tipped and without a word followed my new leather Goddess out into the night.

I didn't know what she had planned, but I looked forward to every minute of it.

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