Story - A Vinyl fetish story

Story - A Vinyl fetish story

I prepared myself prior to going to see her by taking a hot shower using one of the much advertised male shower gels, and by using nair on my nether regions to make things smooth and sensitive. I then got dressed putting on a pair of red PVC panties.

At this point I was already excited to see her and would have to show restraint lest I lose my desire.

As discussed I showed up at her studio, rang her buzzer and she let me up to her place. I knocked on the door and she ushered me in to a vacant room. She told me to get undressed and asked me if I brought her anything.

I handed her a bag with 2 brand new Silver Bally Sauna suit, and an envelope with a letter and gift expressing my devotion. She then told me to strip and stand in the corner of her room facing the wall. She then left the room turned on some music and I started to get undressed.

I striped down to my red plastic underwear, folded my clothing neatly and stood in the corner as instructed. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, my excitement evidently showing in my pants...

As she entered the room, I could hear the swish of her vinyl sauna suit. I wanted to look at her so badly, but knew that would lead to severe punishment. She came up behind me and placed her hand on my vinyl covered ass. She started to laugh in her most devilish way. " I told you to strip" she said as she sharply smacked my plastic covered ass. "Turn around and let me look at you" she then said.

I quickly turned around to see her dressed in her sauna suit. She must really understand my fetish as her suit was pulled tightly up into her crotch and ass, slightly separating her flesh. She noticed my excitement and reached out to grab my engoured member. She started to rub it and asked if I liked it to which I replied yes....

She then surprisingly squeezed my balls with enough strength to make me gasp slightly. She then used her other hand to push me back against the wall. She walked towards me pinning me between her soft vinyl covered body and the wall. " Matthew, you have let yourself go.

You are overweight and unless you get working on that body of yours, you will never feel pleasure at my hands or probably anyone else besides yourself for that matter." She spoke quietly yet firmly. I knew she meant business.

"Today you are going to sweat, feel pain and if you do a good job, you might be allowed to play with you dick." She then handed me a sauna suit and said, "Quickly, put this on... time is wasting and your not getting any thinner" I opened the package and quickly unfolded the suit, taking int the luscious smell of the plastic as I fondled the suit. She then pushed me a little as I started to slide the pants up my legs.

I lost my balance and fell to the carpeted floor. She laughed again. "Pathetic, you can't even keep you balance." I pulled up the pants and started to put on the shirt. When I got it over my head. I felt a slap through the plastic. It hit me on the face. She then, with catlike grace, pressed the vinyl to my face, forcing me to inhale its distinct smell. She then helped me finish getting dressed. She helped me to my feet. "Now for the fun part", she said.

" You are now going to listen to me, and do what I say. DO not make me repeat myself" she said. "First you need to stretch". Stand behind me, I want you to see how exercise does a body good." I stood behind her as she stood with her legs spread a little wider than shoulder width.

She then bent down to touch the floor. As she did, the sauna suit pulled tightly over her ass. "Bend down and touch the ground like this" she said softly." I did as commanded, feeling my hamstrings pull as I bent over. She then straightened up and bent over with again repeating this movement 5 times. "I followed her lead. As she bent over she counted "1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and up". I continued to follow her. She then put her feet together an bent down to touch her toes.

This really hurt. I could get as far as my shins. While bending over she looked back at me to see me straining. She smiled and said " It looks like you need a little help." She then moved behind me and pressed her body against the back side of mine as I reached for my toes. I could feel her body pressing against mine as I felt backs of my legs strain.

She pushed my shoulders down, as I reached for my toes. She slid her hands down to my waist and held me firmly. She then told me to hold the position for 5 seconds. As I did this she proceeded to whack me on the ass as she counted. This continued for 5 more reps. I was getting warmed up.

She then had me reach up and do some side bends to loosen up my oblique muscles. Then she led me in some arm circles.

Next she told me to to do 25 jumping jacks. By this time I was really getting warmed up. Jumping jacks led to sit ups.

For the sit ups she had me lay on my back with me knees bent, feet on the floor. She said she wanted 50 reps. "Fifty?" I whined. "Fifty!" she said, "and you better make them good, or you will have to more. "

As my head came up to her knees, she counted "1". I proceeded to do my sit ups with her beautiful ass purched on my knees. Sometimes as I came up she would open her legs, tell me to hold my position as she rubbed herself through her suit.

I made it all the way to 50 and then she said it was time for some pushups. For this exercise, she would lay down in front of me, with her vinyl coverd pussy just under where my face would be. My reward for this would be to kiss her through the vinyl as I came down. "Do as many as you can" My pussy should be motivation for you!"

I proceeded to start my push-ups. I strained as I lowered myself to bring my head down to her position. With each rep, I kissed her gently only her vinyl covered crotch. I was so tempted to lick her there, but knew I might be in trouble. I did as many as I could, As I got to 20, I strained to push myself back up. I could not. After kissing her again, I just kind of collapsed into her. "Get up you fool" she exclaimed as she pushed me off of her.

I rolled onto my back and she stood up as I lay there winded. "No rest for you" she said. "Now for some leg lifts!.

She sat on my chest, facing away from me. She told me to lift my legs so that my feet were 6 inches off of the ground. "Hold those feet up there she said" as she counted to 5, all the while rubbing my crotch through my suit. I then repeated this five times. She then slid back so that her ass was touching my face. she then sat on it with her legs astride my head.

She posted up so that she was just inches from my face and, She told me that these next five reps were going to be extra special. I was to lift my legs 6 inches from the ground and then open my legs like scissors, hold it for 5 sends, then put my feet back together and then lower them to the ground. "Any questions? she said. I told no. I understand.

She then lowered herself onto my face again so that Her vinyl covered area was pressed against my face. "Go" she said as I lifted up my legs. As she sat there, she counted to 5. When she got to five, I felt a slap to my balls with a riding crop. I grunted in pain, knowing that this was not her hardest. She posted up again, I breathed quickly and she sat again." Go" she said.

I repeated the exercise fearful of the impending smack. This time it came at 3. Making my legs jump. I could hear her laugh through her calves which covered my ears like silver vinyl ear muffs. This went on until I completed 10 reps. All the while sh posted and ground her pussy into my face.

She then got up and said that all of this exercise was making her hot, but it was not over. She then led me to a type of spanking bench where she bent me over and secured my hands. "This has been a good start, but YOU have a long way to go!" "Every day you are to dress in your suit and repeat these exercises. IT should take around 20 minutes if you are doing them right."

"How many minutes?" she asked. "Twenty" I replied.

I am going to to give you a little reminder to make sure you remember how many minutes. Start counting she said..." WHACK! as the first smack hit my ass. "One" I counted. I could feel the sting through the 2 layers of plastic pants that I wore. This continued all the way up to 20.

At the end of this, I was feeling slightly drained. She then told me how good of a job I did. For my reward, I would get to see her masturbate and I would be allowed to do myself if I had the energy. She then proceeded to pour some lube into my pants and into hers. She said in front of me, her pants pulled tightly as she rubbed herself through the pants. I too started to massage my member. It did not take me long to climax as I watched her moan in ecstasies.

By the time we both were done as I sat there on the floor leaning against the wall, I we both were happily relaxed. I sat there a little longer. she got up. and for good measure stood over me as she too offer her sweaty sauna suit. She pulled the pants over my face and told me to stay there until She came back. I heard her leave the room as I felt her most vinyl pants over my face. I sat there for about five minutes or so until she returned dressed in a robe. She asked me if I wanted to clean up before I left. I graciously said yes...

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