An Introduction to Latex Fetish

Latex fetish can be defined as sexual preference or affinity towards Rubber products, including rubber apparel & accessories. The fetish involves sexual activity while being dressed by latex clothing or with a partner being dressed in latex.

Explaining latex fetish

Latex fetish includes sexual arousal by people wearing latex or by the latex itself. It can be either or both. People having latex fetish are called Rubberists or rubbermen. The fetish borrows heavily from the PVC fetish which involves sexual arousal by tight & glossy clothing.

A latex fetishist would prefer tight clothing but will generally not have the affinity towards shiny rubber as most latex is not very glossy. Often it is said that the act of wearing tight rubber can also overlap with bondage because of its functionality as a tool of bondage. Moreover, it’s the smoothness of the material of the cloth is what attracts fetishists the most.

The act of wearing apparel that has such a tight & body-hugging quality is very difficult to wear, get into & carry.  Thus, today you have various types of lubricants to help with wearing latex clothing.

Latex fetish & rubberists

Latex fetishists generally operate with razor-like precision & with a feeling of lifelong commitment. Because of this subcultural ethos that fetishism exudes, fetishists will generally be very strict in their dedication to the fetish & will maintain their material of sexual activity with utmost care.

It’s to stress here latex needs to be maintained for the material to hold up over time. Rubber clothing, not made exclusively for a sexual activity like swimsuits & rubber pants or boots are also objects of sexual arousal for rubberists.

Often it is not just the look & feel of the material that is held in such high regard for rubberists but also the smell of it. During manufacture, companies will often use chemicals to enhance the naturally present odor in natural rubber.

Latex fetish exhibitionism

Interestingly, latex fetish goes beyond the sexual acts within four walls, wearing rubber apparel and seeing your partner being dressed in it. In fact, public events like fetish parties & orgies or even the act of wearing rubber apparel in public are something a lot of rubberists are into. Put simply, exhibitionism is something that often goes hand in hand with the latex fetish.

Parties & orgies are often great places to meet people with similar sexual interest. For example, two rubberists, one who likes wearing rubber & one who is attracted to people wearing rubber can often bump into each other at such events. These are safe spaces where people can express their sexuality without moral or societal constraint. In fact, it’s often at these parties that fetishists get together for the first time.

A way of expressing individual sexuality 

A latex fetish is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just one way of expressing one’s sexuality. In this day & age, it’s much easier to come out publicly, without inhibitions about one’s sexuality. Most of the credits go to accelerated use of internet which has enabled people with sexual preferences that are considered to be off-beat to come together & form communities.

Therefore, in the 21st century, it’s a lot easier to remain a respected member of society regardless of sexuality & sexual preferences. With freedom & liberation, there come some societal obligations as well as presentation.

So it’s perfectly all right to have a latex fetish but it shouldn’t become the only element of one’s life. It should not be allowed to overlap all other elements that need to be paid attention to.

Therefore, if the fetish seems to be the reason for failure, or for problems in personal life, it’s advisable to seek therapy from shrinks or active members of a particular fetish community.

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